Introduction to Python

Python is a dynamic, interpreted language.It is

an  example of a high-level language.Python code does

not  declare the types of variables . It raises a runtime

error if the code tries to read from a variable that has not

been given a value. It is case sensitive so “a” and “A” are

different variables.Unlike c++ and Java, Python does not

require a semicolon at the end of each line. Comments

begin with a ‘#’ and extend to the end of the line.

Python programs are  executed by an interpreter. There

are two ways to use the interpreter: interactive mode

 and script mode. 

Interactive mode :- Here the Python programs are  typed

and the interpreter prints the result:

>>> 1 + 1


Script mode :- Here the code is stored in a file  and the

interpreter is used to execute the contents  of the file,

which is called a script. By convention,  Python scripts

have names that end with .py                   


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